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    Friends: Series 5 Boxset (UK)

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    The whole fifth series
    Certificate: 12
    Running Time: 526 mins
    Retail Price: £60
    Release Date:

    The One After Ross Says Rachel
    Despite the fact that Ross said "Rachel" in his vows instead of "Emily," they go through with the wedding; but then Emily sneaks out the window at the reception and apparently never wants to see Ross again. Rachel fixates on the fact that "he said my name!" Chandler and Monica agree that their new relationship can only continue while they are away from home... but then have a very difficult time arranging to be alone together. While waiting at the airport in hopes that Emily will still show up for the honeymoon to Athens, Ross bumps into Rachel. She encourages him to go to Athens anyway; he invites her to come along. While boarding, Ross goes back to get his jacket and discovers that Emily has arrived and has witnessed the two of them preparing to leave together. Ross misses the flight; Rachel doesn`t.
    The One With All The Kissing
    Monica and Chandler try to keep their relationship hidden: When Joey comes into the bathroom, Monica has to duck under the bubbles in the tub; Chandler accidentally kisses Monica good-bye in from of the others, so then has to kiss all the girls. Phoebe is irked by all the fun she missed in London; the others decide to take her on a picnic to Central Park, but since that idea sucks they plan a weekend in Atlantic City; just as they`re leaving, her water breaks. Rachel, back from Greece and angry about the bad choices she`s made recently, gives decision making control of her love-life to Monica. This arrangement is strained to the breaking point when Rachel wants to tell Ross she still loves him, but Monica won`t let her. Ross plans to win back Emily by sending romantic gifts.
    The One With The Triplets
    The gang arrives at the hospital for Phoebe`s labor. Joey makes a video documentary of the occasion, until his is beset with pain; what is thought to be sympathy pains turns out to be kidney stones. Phoebe`s doctor is obsessed with Fonzie, but Ross`s attempts to find a more satisfactory doctor only yield a very young looking resident whom Phoebe won`t accept. Rachel tries to set Monica and herself up with two male nurses, which causes problems between Monica and Chandler. Phoebe wants to keep one of the babies and manipulates Rachel into asking for her. Instead of two boys and a girl, Phoebe has two girls and a boy. Joey passes three kidney stones.
    The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS
    Rachel catches Monica waiting seductively in her bedroom for Chandler; to cover, Monica tells Rachel she`s seeing a guy from work. Monica tells Rachel that her new boyfriend is the best sex she`s ever had, and when Chandler hears this he gets a little too proud of himself. Ross finally gets Emily on the phone and they begin planning to work things out; Emily agrees to come to New York but only if Ross doesn`t see Rachel anymore. After much agonizing, Ross agrees. Joey gets involved with a PBS pledge drive, believing he`s the host; but he`s only a phone jockey and not even on camera. Phoebe reveals her hatred for PBS, which started because she never got an answer to a letter she wrote to Sesame Street after her mom died. Joey and Phoebe argue about whether any truly selfless good deeds exist, so Phoebe tries repeatedly to find one.
    The One With The Kips
    Chandler and Monica, tired of sneaking around, each make up an excuse to leave town and then go away for a weekend together. They end up fighting the whole time and Chandler`s afraid it may be over. Ross struggles to reveal his agreement with Emily not to see Rachel anymore. Rachel doesn`t take it very well; she doesn`t want to give up Ross, nor get left out of the group like Chandler`s old roommate, Kip. Joey finds some similarities in Chandler`s and Monica`s stories about the weekend, and figures out the truth; Monica and Chandler swear him to secrecy.
    The One With The Yeti
    Joey continues to keep Monica and Chandler`s secret, although he`s not to happy about keeping quite. Phoebe receives a mink coat as a family heirloom; since she`s against using fur, she plans to cremate it... until she sees herself wearing it in the mirror. Ross sells all his stuff and moves to a new apartment because Emily wants them to have a fresh start at a new life. Emily`s demands get to be a little too much for Ross, and he tells her she`s either got to trust him or their marriage won`t work. Emily decides she can`t trust Ross. Rachel and Monica are frightened by a hairy man in a dark storage room; the "Yeti" turns out to be Danny, a new tenent in the building. Rachel and Danny don`t seem to get along but end up going out for pizza together. Ugly Naked Guy is back.
    The One Where Ross Moves In
    Emily`s cousin kicks Ross out of the apartment they were to live in, so he moves in with Chandler and Joey. Ross is more than a little obnoxious, so Chandler and Joey pressure him to move to a new place... even if it`s tiny. Their guilt gets the better of them, however, and they arrange for Ross` application to be rejected. Phoebe dates a Larry, a health inspector she met at Monica`s restaurant. At first she is turned on by his power to close places down, but soon realizes that they`re running out of good places to eat. Rachel is convinced that Danny likes her and that his apparent apathy toward her is just a ploy to gain the upper hand in their relationship.
    The One With All The Thanksgivings
    After Thanksgiving dinner at Monica`s, the gang tells stories about their worst Thanksgivings ever. In a series of flashbacks, we see Chandler learning of his parent`s divorce (1978); Phoebe losing an arm (twice) in past lives (1862 and 1915); Joey with his head in a turkey (1992); Chandler hurting Monica`s feelings (1987); and Monica getting a little more revenge than she planned, when Chandler loses a toe (1988)
    The One With Ross`s Sandwich
    Joey lets himself look bad in order to explain away various discoveries that could expose Monica`s and Chandler`s relationship: underwear in Monica`s sofa; a lady`s razor in his shower; candlelight and videotape; a nude polaroid. He threatens to tell everyone the truth unless Chandler and Monica can come up with a story that makes him look good. They don`t come through, so Joey creates a new lie: he slept with Monica in London and she`s been after him ever since. Phoebe takes a literature class; Rachel decides to come with her, but doesn`t bother to read the books. After Rachel steals her ideas in the first class, Phoebe feeds Rachel misinformation about the second book. Ross has a problem with rage after someone at work steals his Thanksgiving-leftovers sandwich. After scaring his co-workers, yelling at his boss, and getting upset at a psychiatrist, he gets put on tranquilizers.
    The One With The Inappropriate Sister
    Because of his boredom while away from work, Ross offers to help Joey focus on writing a movie. Things get a little tense, however, when Ross wants Joey to work and Chandler wants to play `Fireball.` Phoebe volunteers to collect Christmas donations for the poor, but ends up getting a bucket full of unwanted `contributions,` so she gets tough with the donors. Monica arranges for Rachel and Danny to go out. It seems to be going very well until Rachel discovers that Danny has an unusually close relationship with his sister, Krista.
    The One With All The Resolutions
    Joey makes it possible for Monica and Chandler to kiss at midnight on New Years, by arranging kisses between Ross and Phoebe, and Rachel and himself. Everyone makes resolutions: Ross will do one new thing everyday; Chandler will stop making fun of his friends... for at least a week; Rachel won`t gossip; Joey will learn the guitar; Monica will take more pictures of everyone together; and Phoebe will pilot a commercial jet. While on a date with a new girl (Elizabeth Hornswoggle) Ross` new pair of leather pants is so hot and tight that he can`t get them back on after taking them off to cool down in the bathroom. He calls Joey for advice, which leads to attempts first with powder and then with lotion, which just make things worse. Joey`s guitar teacher is Phoebe, who doesn`t know any actual chord names. Rachel finds out about Monica and Chandler, and is dying to tell someone; she tries to tell Joey but he`s so tired of keeping secrets, he won`t listen. Chandler can`t stand holding in the wisecracks.
    The One With Chandler`s Work Laugh
    Rachel tries to learn more about Chandler and Monica`s relationship; when Rachel confronts her, Monica makes up some pretty lame lies to cover it up. Ross finds out Emily is engaged to be married again; he goes out on the town and somehow hooks up with Janice. Their relationship starts out great, but soon Janice can`t stand Ross`s constant whining and she breaks it off. Chandler takes Monica to a work party, as well as some outings with Chandler`s boss and his wife; Monica learns that `Work Chandler` is a suck-up with an exaggerated laugh. Phoebe and Joey race birds.
    The One With Joey`s Bag
    Chandler finds out Monica gives terrible massages but doesn`t want to tell her. When the truth comes out, Monica has a hard time accepting it. Joey is auditioning for a sophisticated part in a play, so Rachel offers to help him look the part. She outfits him at Bloomingdales, and part of the ensemble is a "man`s bag," which bears a striking resemblence to a purse. Unfortunately, Joey`s devotion to the bag ends up costing him the audition. Phoebe`s grandmother dies; Ursula, who thought grandma was already dead, skips the memorial. The memorial does have one unexpected guest, however--Phoebe`s father. Without revealing her true identify, she arranges to meet with him later, at which time she reveals the truth - but things are still a little awkward.
    The One Where Everybody Finds Out
    Ugly Naked Guy prepares to move, and Ross applies to sublet the apartment. Competition for the place is fierce, so when a bribe doesn`t seal the deal, Ross decides to cultivate and exploit a common interest--nakedness. Phoebe, while looking at Ross` potential new apartment with Rachel, looks out the window and sees Chandler and Monica "doing it." Phoebe and Rachel decide to use their knowledge of this romance to play some practical jokes on Monica and Chandler--jokes which include Phoebe making passes at Chandler. Monica realizes they must know, so she and Chandler play along, and each side tries to see who will crack first. Now everybody knows, except Ross. Until he gets the apartment, looks out the window, and suddenly has a return of his rage problem.
    The One With The Girl Who Hits Joey
    Ross confronts Chandler about his relationship with Monica; at first Ross is angry, but he quickly sees the good in it. Ross, Joey, Rachel, and Phoebe talk about what it will be like if Chandler and Monica have kids. Chandler gets a bit freaked out about the idea of a lasting commitment and ends up in an argument with Monica. In a misguided effort to apologize, Chandler proposes marriage--an offer which Monica does not accept. Meanwhile, Joey dates Katie, a cute little woman who likes to punch Joey`s arm--a lot. It gets to be too much for Joey, and he decides to break up with her--which he`s very nervous about. Luckily, Katie nearly gets in a fight with Rachel and threatens to walk out on Joey if he doesn`t take her side. He refuses and the relationship ends. Ross moves into his new apartment; the president of the tenant`s committee asks him to contribute 100 dollars toward`s the retiring handyman`s gift. Ross has never even met the man, to he declines. Everyone in the building decides Ross is cheap and not "their kind of people," so he stubbornly tries to win their friendship. Things just get worse, however, despite (and a little because of) Phoebe`s efforts to help him.
    The One With The Cop
    Joey has a dream that Monica is his girlfriend; Monica tells him it just means he wants a relationship with the closeness that he sees between herself and Chandler. She suggests he try being friends with a woman before being intimate. After hitting on Rachel (unsuccessfully), Joey tries to make friends with new women; but they find his "friends first" approach so enticing that they want the intimacy immediately. Phoebe finds a police badge under a cushion at the coffee house. She plans to return it but has too much fun pretending to be a cop... until she pulls it on the actual owner of the badge. She drops the badge and runs away; he tracks her down and asks her on a date. Ross (accompanied by Rachel) buys a new couch, but can`t get it up the stairs to his apartment.
    The One With Rachel`s Inadvertant Kiss
    Rachel has an interview at Ralph Lauren, where she mistakenly kisses the interviewer (Mr. Zelner). She gets called back for a second interview, where she again mistakes Mr. Zelner`s actions and chews him out. Later, realizing her mistake, she meets with him again, straightens things out, and gets the job. Ross spends all his free time `acting` in front of his window, thinking it entertains his friends. Joey tries to find a woman who keeps waving at him from Ross` building, but somehow keeps ending up at Ross` place instead. Monica obsesses about proving that she and Chandler are still a hot couple, like Phoebe and Gary. Chandler enjoys it for a while, but eventually helps Monica see that their relationship has progressed to a better level.
    The One Where Rachel Smokes
    Ben auditions for a soup commercial and Joey comes along to try for a part as well. Things are going great until Joey gets paired with another child and it gets competitive. Joey has a little trouble with his line, however. Rachel starts her new job at Ralph Lauren; she soon feels left out because all the decisions get made on smoking breaks, and she doesn`t smoke. She tries to solve the problem by taking up the habit; it doesn`t work out too well, so she convinces her co-workers to quit... but that lasts about a day. Phoebe and Monica plan a surprise birthday party for Rachel. Monica, in her usual fashion, takes over completely, leaving Phoebe in charge of only cups and ice. Phoebe decides to make the most of it; she makes everything imaginable out of cups, and serves every kind of ice.
    The One Where Ross Can`t Flirt
    Monica and Chandler are going out for their ten-month anniversary; Chandler wants Monica to wear the earings he gave her. However, she lent them to Phoebe, who lent them to Rachel, who lost one. Ross sees Chandler flirting with the pizza girl (Caitlin) and decides he`s going to turn on the charm as well, with disasterous results. Joey has a part on Law and Order; his grandmother comes over to watch the show, but his part has been cut. Joey quickly improves a scene on video tape and slips it into the VCR.
    The One With The Ride-Along
    Ross, Joey, and Chandler go on a ride-along with Gary; thinking a car back-fire is actually a gunshot, Joey dives and protects Ross from harm. Chandler is upset that Joey chose to protect Ross... until he learns that Joey was really trying to protect his sandwich. While getting Margarita fixings as Ross` apartment, Rachel overhears Emily--who is getting married the next day--leaving a message, wondering if their break-up was a mistake. Monica and Rachel debate about what to do, and Rachel accidentally erases the message. She stays and waits for Ross to return so she can tell him.
    The One With The Ball
    Gary decides to ask Phoebe to live with him. She doesn`t think it`s a good idea, which makes him sad, so she ends up agreeing. After some changes of heart (back and forth) they finally move in together... until one morning Gary shoots a bird that`s chirping outside the window. Phoebe breaks up with him. Ross and Joey throw a ball back and forth without dropping it for a couple hours; soon it becomes a contest, joined by Monica and Chandler. Around the tenth hour, they invite Phoebe to join; unfortunatly, she doesn`t feel like playing. Rachel spends a thousand dollars on a pure-bred, hairless Sphinx cat, like the one her grandmother had when Rachel was a kid. Unfortunately, this cat is not very nice, and a scratched-up Rachel ends up selling the cat to Gunther.
    The One With Joey`s Big Break
    Rachel has an eye infection but doesn`t want anyone touching her eye. Monica finally gets her to a doctor but then Rachel won`t use the eyedrops. Everyone has to hold her down and force her to use them. Phoebe is mad at Ross but can`t remember why. Joey gets the lead role in a independent film called Shutter Speed, being filmed in Las Vegas. He and Chandler start a road trip but Chandler lets slip that he doesn`t think this is Joey`s big break, and gets kicked out of the car. Joey makes it to Vegas but the movie is shutting down from lack of funds, leaving Joey trying to make ends meet as a gladiator at Caesar`s Palace.
    The One In Vegas Part 1
    Monica runs into Richard but doesn`t want Chandler to know, because it might spoil their anniversary. As an gift for Chandler, she gets them tickets to Las Vegas. Phoebe invites herself, Ross, and Rachel along as well. Phoebe compares everything about the trip to the London trip she missed last year. Ross and Rachel have to work, so they plan to come a day later. On the plane, Phoebe lets slip about Richard; Chandler tells Monica he`s okay with it; later, in Vegas, they end up fighting over it. Meanwhile, Rachel (being alone in her apartment) decides to go around naked. Ross sees her from his apartment and thinks she`s coming on to him. He goes over and makes an embarrassing scene. Rachel teases him about it the next day on their flight, so they both start doing their best to embarrass each other... a contest which is topped off by Ross drawing a mustache on a sleeping Rachel. Joey admits to his friends that his film`s been shut down; he decides to play Black Jack to turn a $100 tip into enough money to finish the movie. He loses, but discovers something much for valuable (to him, at least): His identical hand twin. Monica, on her way to apologize to Chandler, finds a chip on the floor and places a bet at a craps table... and starts a winning streak. Chandler sees her celebrating and hugging the person next to her - and he walks out.
    The One In Vegas Part 2
    Ross and Rachel arrive at the casino, where Rachel quickly learns she is "a human doodle". The ink won`t come off, so she and Ross spend the day hiding in the hotel room, raiding the mini-bar. Once they`re completely drunk, Rachel finally agrees to go back down to the casino--after she draws on Ross` face. Phoebe, playing the slots, is plagued by a lurker: An elderly woman who follows her around, waiting for her to give up a machine that hasn`t paid out, then takes over and hits the jackpot (a strategy with absolutely no basis in the laws of probability). She decides to out-lurk the lurker; but during a confrontation with her, Phoebe gets thrown out of the casino. Joey tries to persuade his identical hand twin that they should go into show business. He becomes such a nuisance that he gets thrown out, too. Chandler makes a scene to get Monica`s attention. They make up, and Monica continues her winning streak playing craps. Chandler says if she rolls another hard eight, they`ll get married. The dice bounce off the table and the roll is disqualified; one die shows a four, the other is on it`s edge between four and five. Chander decides it`s a four. They arrive at the wedding chapel and are waiting for the previous service to end, when the chapel doors fly open and out walk the drunken Ross and Rachel, newly married.

    Special Features:
    Instant Episode Access
    Music Video
    2 Featurettes

    Video Tracks:
    Standard 1.33:1

    Audio Tracks:
    Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0 English

    Subtitle Tracks:
    CC: English

    Charles Thomas Allen
    Matt LeBlanc
    Jane Sibbett
    Lisa Kudrow
    David Schwimmer
    Courteney Cox
    John Christopher Allen
    Matthew Perry
    Jennifer Aniston

    Casting By:
    Leslie Litt
    Ellie Kanner
    Anthony Sepulveda

    Soundtrack By:
    Michael Skloff
    Ian Christian Nickus

    Director of Photography:
    Ken Lamkin
    Mikel Neiers
    Nick McLean

    Andy Zall
    David Helfand

    Costume Designer:
    Debbie Easton

    Production Designer:
    Adam Short

    Warner Bros

    Your Opinions and Comments

    7 / 10
    OK, so here we go again - same review as of the 4th season. What can I say? The seasons are so much alike.
    What else can be written about this series that hadn`t been written before?
    6 friends, one cafe, lots of laughs, a couple of tears, NYC - and there you go.
    The video transfer is good. The TV-to-DVD transfer is clean of any defects and the colors look a bit more lively than they looked on TV.
    The DD 2.0 soundtrack is ok. For this kind of sitcom, the lack of a DD 5.1 soundtrack is acceptable.
    The menus are still with music.
    There are no extras in this disc set, which is truly a crime.
    Bottom line - one of the best sitcoms ever, with one of the funniest season cliffhangers, ever.
    posted by Zvi Josef on 17/3/2007 09:21