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About this user: still have the old wharfy 750 now relegated to the bedroom... now all panasonic hometheatre/ multiregion dvd player...

likes `Baby Spice`
dislikes, anything to do with Brad Pitt/Friends/ or Robbie Williams. (oh, and Arsenal).

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RE: [VIDEO] Meat Loaf - rest in peace...

A massive talent, and personality, that will be sadly missed... RIP Meat

RE: [VIDEO] All of us are Dead

cannot beat a good Zombie flick!

RE: Around the World in 80 Days (again, David Tennant this time)

I couldn't get into it... perhaps i have the rose tinted lenses for Niven

RE: Hey Merry Christmas

Happy New Year!

RE: Christmas TV - anything you`re looking forward to?

Actually the best programme i have seen over Christmas, was Worzel Gummidge last night... I truly thought when I first read this was being resurrected, that it would be a travesty, I grew up loving Pertwee version...

However I am absolutely amazed at how good this reincarnation has been...  cannot wait for tonight's episode

RE: What Christmas movie will you be watching today ?

I missed the beginning but the kids started watching Nativity on CBBC, so I've found myself watching what's left :)

I have watched these also... and quite enjoyed them

RE: [VIDEO] Red Notice

Watched this last night... whilst predictable I found it to be a really good watch, loved it when they entered the hoard of Nazi treasure, and he starts whistling the theme to Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The more I am seeing of the The Rock in films the better he becomes, he will never be the next Laurence Olivier, but he is a fine actor!

Having seen the list of tripe listed as on tv this Christmas, I can see Netflix getting some additional visits!

RE: F1 Final race - wow!!

Well I for one am please Verstappen won the championship!

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Had my booster (Pfizer) last week, had a sore arm for about 36 hours

RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

Doctor Who Flux is to Doctor Who what Star Trek Discovery is to Star Trek...

I'm like you... its a bit long an protracted, I don't mind a story over 2 or 3 episodes, but this is like a spin off mini series!

RE: [VIDEO] Markus Eder skiing

admars says...
"I hope you're packing a GoPro and drone :)"
mbilko says...
"More like a wing and a prayer :)"

What concerns me more is the wife gave me a pass, without any discussion... think she is taking out an extra insurance policy on me!

RE: [VIDEO] Markus Eder skiing

That'll be me in February... first time skiing, wrong side of fifty, no sense of balance, what can possibly go wrong! ;-)

RE: Stent

BTW Mark , oh really rubbish! Lol


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RE: Stent

A stent is now very common surgery,

However it is important, that the patient doesnt do any household chores for at least the next twenty years, and you must wait on him hand and foot!

Speedy recovery to Mr Brooky

RE: The 100 greatest TV series of the 21st Century

So where are tv series such as...

Only Fools and Horses
Dr Who
Friends (not my choice!)
there are so many that are better than half those in the list

RE: Not Savy online

*YOU CAN SEE WHEN SOMEONE HAS READ YOUR TEXT!!! (2 little green ticks light up)
*but they can also see when you have read their text and haven't bothered replying

You can actually turn this function off... so they don't know you are ignoring them!

RE: [VIDEO] Day of the Dead

ooh... its yes from me!

RE: To boldy go where no nonagenarian has gone before...

Makes Captain Kirk the oldest human in space...

technically it is to the edge of space, all these companies stay within the earths exo-atmosphere!

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RE: The Walking Dead: Season 8

think i'm still back on S6 or so

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

I hadn't read it as a legal requirement, but am happy to be corrected.

I can just see this being challenged in the courts, for unfair dismissal etc at some point, and the employers believing they have acted on legal advice?

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

thankfully I cannot see that happening here, although I guess it could always be a pre-requisite of employment for new employees?

RE: Amazon 4 Star Opened

I was so expecting this to be about Petrol delivered next day to your house.

Showing your age there, although i can remember my mum running her Renault 4 on Two Star

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Well i ordered a new batch of 7 day LFT's.

When it arrived a week last Tuesday, it also contained a PCR test, as the NHS have just started efficacy testing.

I do twice weekly testing for work, even though i have no symptoms.

I've been doing LFT since last year, and am double vaccinated.

Test taken on the Tuesday, and LFT negative. Did PCR as requested and sent it off, got a result back the following Saturday morning, Positive!

Immediately did another LFT - negative.

Rang NHS helpline, and explained why i had taken test, they didn't know anything about the efficacy tests going on.

I asked if i should take another PCR, but was told no, Positive, is Positive, the test doesn't make mistakes?  And anyway once you have tested Positive on a PCR, you cant do another for 90 days?

Wife and kids went to drive through for PCR - theirs came back negative.

So had to isolate for 10 days... Although by time results came back was already half way through!

Have also completed Antigen tests now... awaiting the results.

Fortunately I can work from home, so continued, the wife works in an Opticians, and was told because i tested positive she had to stay home also for 10 days.

The worry now is, no symptoms, LFT are continuing to be negative, yet the PCR was positive, so from today I can move about freely, and potentially for the next 80 days, any testing is ineffective!

So am I worried... not for me, or the wife and kids, but what about elderly relatives, or those with underlying health conditions?

RE: Muse

Local band to me, hail from Teignmouth... have to say I couldn't name a single song by them, really not understood the hype behind them at all?

RE: [VIDEO] What gig did you just go to?

I'm seeing Idles on Thursday, looking forward to it, just had email asking ppl wear masks, and proof of covid jabs/negative tests required on entry.

Tickets for Troops had free tickets to see them...

Were they any good? They are playing Eden Project today, sadly sold out!

RE: Mad Cow Disease Back :(

No doubt this will be blamed on Boris, or Brexit, or some conspiracy by The New World Order?

RE: RIP: Sir Clive Sinclair dies aged 81

Sad news, RIP Sir Clive

undoubtedly we wouldnt be where we are today without great innovators like Sir Clive, who made computing accessible to the masses, i have many happy memories of tape games uch as Panama Jack, Track and Field, Hungry Horace goes skiing etc

RE: [VIDEO] What gig did you just go to?

Saturday 11th September - Lets Rock, at Powderham Castle.

Toyah brilliant
Five Star - more like unleaded these days!
Tony Hadley - brilliant
Midge Ure - briliant
Peter Hook - oustanding
Howard Jones - outstanding
Wet Wet Wet - good, but dont appreciate them using the F word in every sentence, there are children present, its a family concert
Adam Ant - brilliant

Tickets on sale tomorrow for next year, guess we will be going again!