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RE: TOCA Race Driver 2 will it be on PS2?

The bought the first one on to PS2 so why wouldn`t they do the same with the second?

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RE: Superbit

I think the ordinary versions are better than the Superbit ones.


Mario Kart Double Dash is a great game. It`s one of the best GC games today.

RE: Uefa want to get Keane banned for longer

Did I direct any comments at him before that? He talked crap at me first.

RE: Uefa want to get Keane banned for longer

sput 2001, You had better shut the hell up with your crap you stupid asshole.

RE: Uefa want to get Keane banned for longer

The mancs are out of the champion`s league anyway. Tough luck!

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RE: Uefa want to get Keane banned for longer

Keane is a total idiot. He looked like he meant to put his foot right on the Porto keeper. And stupid alex ferguson thinks he didn`t do anything wrong. Both are stupid queer idiots.


I can`t wait to see Series 5. Since I seen the last episode of Series 4 the only question I have asked myself is "What happens next"?

RE: Martian Rover is kaput

The have managed to contact the Rover today and it`s working again.

RE: Digital Video Destruction - what`s your high score?

My highest score is 90. I like the way it gets faster the higher the score. That makes it better.

RE: So how many DVD players do you have at home?

I have got 4 DVD players and the PC and PS2 both count as well.

RE: Indy Boxset - Temple of Doom cut? R2 vs. R1/4

I have never seen the Uncut version so watching the cut movie doesn`t make any difference.

RE: So, what DVD`s have you got on order??

The Two Towers Extended edition was that last set I had on order. Other times I don`t like pre-ordering because I don`t like handing over my money and not getting my DVD for 1-2 months!

RE: Temple Of Doom...

Yes. To be honest I haven`t seen The American version of Temple of Doom so I wouldn`t know any difference at all in the R2 DVD. I wonder why it can`t be a PG rated movie even with that cut scene included? Surely it has been 19 years since it was cut from the movie. Why can`t they put it in the DVD? They could have done a DVD like Independence Day where you can watch a cut and uncut version. Didn`t they cut the scene back in 1984 because it wasn`t for younger viewers? I doubt that many youngsters would be buying these DVD`s. Not for a while anyway.

Temple Of Doom...

I bought the Indiana Jones DVD set yesterday but haven`t had time to watch all of it yet. All the time it has been said that in the UK a scene was cut from the Temple Of Doom because it wasn`t for a PG rating. Is that scene cut from the DVD?

RE: BTTF boxset - How do you tell it`s a reframed version?

I was going to buy the BTTF DVD set yesterday but didn`t want to because you can`t tell if it is flawed. I think it`s best to wait until they release a set and tell you that it isn`t the faulty one.

RE: Is anyone NOT BUYING the Indiana Jones Dvd Boxset?

I am going to buy the set when it comes out in November. Of all three movies Raiders Of The Lost Ark has to be my favourite.


I suddenly changed my mind about having two of the same movie. I got the Two Towers DVD today and I must say it is good.

RE: Your favorate DVD commentaries

Air Force One - Wolfgang Petersen goes into great detail of the movie in this and the commentary is a good one to listen to.


I am going to wait until November when the Extended version comes out.

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RE: DVD Packaging

I think there is not one thing wrong with DVD covers They are not a waste of space. Answer this question: Every good DVD comes with a booklet with all the scenes and sometimes even a special features disc like Gladiator, Independence Day, Lord of The Rings and lots of others. Where would the disc and booklet go? They certinley would not fit into CD covers so think about that.

RE: Playing U.S. games on my PS2.

I just play European games on my PS2. If I see a US game that I like, I just wait until it comes out over here.