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RE: [VIDEO] UEFA Women's EURO 2022

Alex Scott: The Future of Women's football

quite interesting look at the growth of the women's game, including attendance figures at a stadium some of the men's best can only dream of

tournament coverage starts Wed BBC1 7:00, England Vs. Austria at Old Trafford

I think nearly all the England matches are sold out, and there's not many seats left for the other matches down here which is encouraging.

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RE: [VIDEO] So... what are you playing just now?

not so much me, but one of the kids said they were interested in Minecraft, so i downloaded it, installed it for them to play the demo mode, the laptop is 5 or 6 years old, and wasn't high spec when new,  but luckily there's various sites out there with suggestions for settings.

Opinion after an hour of the demo is it's nicely different to Roblox, not necessarily better or worse, I may have to do a little "research" myself later, obviously just for fine tuning and helping out when they need it ;)

"Daddy, how do you craft things"
"err, I dunno, I've never played it, did you read the little instructions which came up on the screen?"

worked it out in the end without my intervention:)

No doubt the other will want to try it out later, that laptop is little newer so should be ok as well, hopefully if they both like it, they both have enough pocket money saved up to buy it!

RE: Clerks 3

There’s light at the end of the tunnel: the trailer for Clerks III releases in just six days. #Clerks3

RE: [VIDEO] UEFA Women's EURO 2022

email from showcase cinemas:

England Women's Euro 2022
Catch the England Women's Euro 2022 games live and for free on the big screen this summer!

Wednesday 6 July - England vs Austria - 20:00
Monday 11 July - England vs Norway - 20:00
Friday 15 July - England vs Northern Ireland - 20:00

downloaded the app the other day with my tickets.

the app showed there's quite a few activities go on . the 3 matches down here, one of the parks in city centre, walking distance to St Mary's has got a free event running all afternoon, and there's various related art exhibitions, museum exhibits, activities for kids and adults going on over the week of the first round.

RE: [VIDEO] What gig did you just go to?

yeh, i couldn't watch much of her.

I can't see acoustic stage listed on bbc, but maybe if if they recorded bits, the artist might be in a-z

on you tube I saw that some artists have parts of their sets on their own channels

RE: [VIDEO] What are you listening to now??? (Music recomendations)

Bob Vylan bit for BBC, love the t-shirt :)
16 mins in, he was a bit late doing it, cos of the ex husband of the woman who makes the sausages he has in his freezer :)

comments on twitter how he was bleeped early hours in the morning yet, established artists are fine to swear with a warning during the day

Idles set is great:

RE: [VIDEO] Halo (Paramount+)

Gareth Williams says...
"Surprised it's going straight to terrestrial, especially since Paramount+ just launched in the UK."

bit naughty, episode one is on 5, rest you have to stream from paramount+ !

RE: [VIDEO] What are you listening to now??? (Music recomendations)

BBC coverage of glasto is great, live streaming from various stages, choose what you want to watch.

had "Confidence Man" on earlier, had seen them on Jools Holland, kind of euro electro indie pop art/fashion students :) better than my description, great live act, with a sense of humour.

now have Sleaford Mods on West Holts Stage, you can tell it's live live live, hearing the c word mid afternoon.
I've seen them live in real life, they don't disappoint.

idles are on later, i like them, they're amazing live

for an idea when you can see stuff

now watching Wet Leg from earlier

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RE: [VIDEO] Ms Marvel

mbilko says...
"had a huge smile through the wedding"

yeh, especially when "Brian" joined in the dancing :)

Making her friends' stories important makes sense, as at that age your friends are so important, I really was rooting for her mate in the Mosque elections :)

would have liked to have heard some Brown Jovi.


RJS says...
"Watched the finale... meh."

As much as I hate to admit it you're right :( But as I said before, I think part of that is the problem of prequels, you watching something, thinking "well, I know what must happen, and what can't happen" :(

RJS says...
"adding nothing to the lore, actually making some parts of the lore make less sense."

yeh, they should have got Dave Feloni involved, he is such a massive fanboy, he made sure Clone Wars, Rebels, and Mandalorian expanded, and explained and never contradicted what was already canon.

maybe Luke bumped his head pretty hard and suffered from amnesia, forgetting the events in this episode, or we'll see in series 2 him get hooked on spice so can't remember his childhood/isn't sure what was real or not?

Regarding Reva, yeh

I liked her, so was glad that she made the right decision, rather it being forced (no pun intended) )

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RE: Sandisk SD card

I used recuva a long time ago when the missus was v upset after taking a photo on her phone, then deleted it, it was the free version, seems it's been bought by ccleaner now, but hopefuly free version is still good?

RE: [VIDEO] Halo (Paramount+)

This thread has been quiet, and channel 5, not glowing endorsement;)

RE: Pistol ( Danny Boyle Sex Pistols mini series)

episode 3 is better, probably because it has more of a story,  it has a "I may destroy you" sort of tone to it, and is about

the song Bodies which I never knew was inspired by a real person ! :(

RE: being 'paid off' to remove bad review

trying to work out how i can report it to Amazon, it's not obvious, I doubt they'd care, but Amazon were fine about the refund, it's not the seller that's contacted me, but the manufacturer, the chat points me in the direction of the refund, and the report suspicious activity directed me as if i wanted to report spoofing

googling "report amazon bribe to remove negative review" shows various stories


chatting to "Arvin" about it now....

May I know if you have replied to the manufacturer and did you agree to it? To be honest with you we don't recommend the review being changed as this is your is your honest opinion and the other customer can use it as well for future reference.

I'll be reporting this

he thanked me for raising it and said it will be escalated internally, thinking about it, the manufacturer shouldn't have been able to get my email address, they emailed my direct, rather than through Amazon :(

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RE: being 'paid off' to remove bad review

What a bunch of angels you are, steering me in right direction :)

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being "paid off" to remove bad review

So, we know about celebrity endorsements to say how great something is.

I recently bought a new external dvd writer for my laptop from amazon it was crap, burned some coasters, didn't always read bought discs, tried different PCs and OSs, read some reviews, and saw a video of an unboxing where someone took it apart and saw that's it's a company selling old laptop drives, in a caddy, but they're sold as new, not refurbs.

i didn't take mine apart, but it detected as a sony, where a review said it was HP, so I have a 1 star review, returned to amazon postage free, got a refund, bought a proper one, rather than trying to be a cheapskate ;)

So, that's all fine, then the other day got an email asking if i'd like a replacement or refund, from the manufacturer. i replied saying Amazon had refunded me.

they replied again saying, they'd give me a £20 gift card for Amazon, if i deleted the review! That might explain why there weren't many negative reviews!

so part of me thinks, yeh, take the money, delete the review, next person can do same as me get refundOR

edit review, add that company has offered to pay me off to delete review

I feel like a cartoon character with devil on one shoulder, angel on other ;)

RE: [VIDEO] Ms Marvel

yeh, I remember watching Smallville, last couple of series thinking "I'm too old for this show now, but I need closure", and the new Superman and Lois is similar, I like the Superman bits, but the teenage angst, high school kids and their emotions is annoying.

However Ms Marvel keeps it interesting, maybe because it's  different cultures conflicting along with everything else.

the parents sort of remind me of those in the Transformers film, apart from I like these 2, and don't want to kill them, they know when to pull in the reins :)


I liked the way we got back story on Reva, and although young Ani looked a bit wierd, I liked that part of the back story, and more about Obi Wan is still coming to terms with things.

having Reva fight Vader was great, rather than Obi Wan which would have been too obvious
maybe it helps if you've seen Rebels, and know about Inquisitors?

there had been speculation the grand inquisitor would be back, as he's in Rebels, so couldn't be dead, I had just assumed it was another one, rather than same.

RE: [VIDEO] What gig did you just go to?

Saw Gangstagrass for 3rd time last night.

Rodney Branigan was support, who supported them 1st tour over here, he's an American singer guitarist, but has lived in UK for years. When I saw him before his "thing" was that he plays 2 guitars at once, he didn't do that much, instead wowed us by using a voice looper thing live, so he could beatbox, sing harmonies and lead all at same time.

Very good to see it done, and was live, as he had to start one song again as he forgot to press record :) he's v charasmatic and funny, works the crowd well.

Well worth seeing even if (lazy comparison) KT Tunstell, Ed Sheeran et Al isn't your thing.

Gangstagrass were great as always, old and new songs, audience participation, bit of humour, again, they know how to entertain :)

the "duelling" banjo and fiddler always good :)

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RE: Sherwood, new bbc1 drama

Cool, I set the TV box to record it, part 2 is tonight, then I think it continues next week

RE: New monitor recommendations

could be worth keeping an eye on Dell's outlet site for any bargains.

Pistol ( Danny Boyle Sex Pistols mini series)

2 episodes in, still not sure about it. The guy who plays Malcolm McLaren is v good, probably because there's an actual character to get his teeth into and act like an arse, "Chrissie Hynde" "Jordan", and are also interesting, again as they have some character, the rest are all a bit "meh" which is maybe the point, but as it's Steve Jones' story it makes part of it a bit dull :(

"Lydon" hasn't been in it much but he seems pretty good, like McLaren probably cos he can ham it up like he's in pantomime ;)

It's interesting to watch, as like Winning Time, a lot of time and effort has gone into making it look like it's the 70s, rather than just being set in the 70s if that makes sense?

RE: [VIDEO] Top Gear really is back!

That was another good one, even though I don't remember watching The Professionals either, but I loved Dempsey and Makepeace, was allowed to stay up late for that :)

RE: [VIDEO] Ms Marvel

interesting tweet about it being review bombed

you think, well maybe a lot of ppl didn't like it, fair enough, everyone has an opinion, until you read some of the "reviews" and comments :(

some PPL are wierd/stupid/ignorant, like the recent posts from ignorant ppl  (clearly not fans) about Star Wars, Star Trek, and Kevin Smith "suddenly" being "woke"!

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RE: [VIDEO] Ms Marvel

I enjoyed that, missed some of the references as I'm way behind on MCU (started from beginning recently,  watched Capt American 1st Avenger earlier), tone reminds me of Spiderman Multiverse, but maybe that's similar to the "proper" recent spider-man films.

but yeh, the parents are funny, without being too annoying :)Quote:
Snaps says...
"Let's face it unless you're in the business or a relative of the Best Boy's assistant you're not ar**d."

funnily enough, when some of our friends started working in Soho at SFX companies, that's when we started watching the credits to see our friends' names in lights, have to do it on TV now as well, which is easier 'cos you can pause and slo mo :)

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

how things have changed, just took one of the kids to covid centre to get first jab, totally different experience to when we went all those months/years ago, place was pretty empty, no queue, more staff than patients!

gave our details at reception, was escorted to kids' room, sat down with the 2 ladies who couldn't have been better about asking what she knew and understood about why we were there, explained possible but unlikely side effects to both of us, asked us for permission to give her injection, and before we knew it she was done :)

I think it's fair to say I was the most nervous person there and I wasn't having anything done :)

12 weeks time for 2nd jab, she explained why you have to wait for at least 12 weeks, about vary rare but possible heart problem that can happen if jabs too close together,