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Studio 666 - Foo Fighters Horror Film

Studio 666

looks fun, sort of reminds me of various films, I'm hoping that's deliberate :)

Horror comedy, based on a story written by Dave Grohl, about the band recording an album in a haunted house :)

RE: Meat Loaf - rest in peace...

Bat out of Hell on R1 right now, been requested as part of 10 min take over, probably hasn't been played in a long long time, Greg James just said he's never played it before, but I bet it used to be on R1 a lot

He was great in Fight Club, and an episode of Masters of Horror

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RE: [VIDEO] Dexter Returns

i'm about half way, i think i'm watching it for closure again now :(

I started off really liking it, but now, I dunno, you're just waiting for something to happen, then the obvious does happen.

We watched the old ones, and 1-3 are still really good, you obviously know he's going to get away with murder, but I often can't remember how, and it twists and turns and the characters are interesting. (I've only got that far, the missus is on 8 again now, and says it's not surprising we can't remember anything about them, a part from how bad it gets!)

we only revisited them as things get mentioned that we couldn't remember, turns out they're in later ones anyway :(

This one, some of the new people they introduce, have potential, but they don't capitalize on it :( Guess they're more interested in giving the younger characters the spotlight for the young audience?

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RE: [VIDEO] Severance

Danny Dyer seems to be missing, but looks pretty good :)

RE: Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

not wishing to start a "panic buy", but my local chemists still have signs up saying no tests in stock (one told me they came and went within an hour) but they're available to order on line at the moment.

I guess with recent changes, even more ppl are using lateral flow tests.

[VIDEO] RE:What are you listening to now??? (Music recomendations)

more from same event:

touring uk in the Summer (hopefuly not postponed again), looking forward to seeing them for the 3rd time :)

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RE: Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard in $68.7B deal

yeh, I didn't realise that Minecraft was owned by MS now, and still available on PlayStation as it's one of the most profitable games there!

I guess I was thinking like when they bought Bungie to have Halo exclusive, or Sony and Naughty Dog for Uncharted  etc, which were much smaller scale.

so perhaps it's not as obvious as I thought.

RE: Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard in $68.7B deal

sj says...
"What is it you mean by that? I'm guessing as needing to leave the console business and make games?"

yeh, I was being facetious, there's often rumours of NIntendo pulling out of hardware especially when they don't have the AAA titles the others have, but as you say their sales show they're doing something right. (the girls are enjoying the GC at the moment!)Quote:
sj says...
"I'm not sure that Sony losing CoD is a given either - still a huge market for them. Maybe earlier release/extra DLC etc.?"
I suspect it will be like Bethesda, any current games, well under way, will be finished, but they won't release future games, on PlayStation, why would they, they'll want them as an exclusive so ppl buy the console and their games.

Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard in $68.7B deal

Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard in $68.7B deal

I guess gaming is big business ;) I suppose it had the advantage of not getting hurt in the same was as many other industries, and sales may have increased.

makes the Bethesda buy out seem small fry, certainly worked from them in the past, buying companies, but I guess it means

Sony are going to have to start buying companies, or pay more silly money for proper exclusives

Nintendo have no choice but to go for their quirky stuff no one else does, their exclusive IP, hope more of the mobile developers keep flogging their phone games on switch.

I guess you could argue that's business as usual for Nintendo, they don't need to do a Sega yet, but Sony will feel it losing CoD etc

Justified: City Primeval

i don't think we finished the last season or two or Justified, we were enjoying it but other "things" got in the way, i guess he didn't die in the end ;)

Timothy Olyphant Returns As Raylan Givens In New Elmore Leonard Adaptation ‘Justified: City Primeval’

Jackass Forever

I'm not ashamed to say I've missed these guys :)

RE: Heels

it's been renewed for another season :)

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RE: Advice? re Printers.

what do you want to print, and how often?

i've got a cheap black and white samsung lazer I've had for years, and before that I had a brother which lasted years, 2 printers in about 23 years! the samsung must be 10-15 years old I think, when ink runs out i can buy a cheap kit on ebay where you pour ink powder in the drum and get a replacement fuse cartridge thing which makes it believe you've bought a proper one :)

if I want to print photos which is v rare, i just print in Tesco or boots at a machine if one or two, if loads use photobox, but i generally only use that when making a nice album etc for my parents which i couldn't do at  home anyway.

if you really need colour at home, then I think HP subscriptions seem to be the way to go, a work mate did one a while ago and seems happy with it.

RE: [VIDEO] The Book of Boba Fett

maybe someone googled gang culture, and saw some cool images :)

RE: [VIDEO] The Book of Boba Fett

I actually cheered during this one, and then chuckled :)

very good again, it's nice to see him learning, and that it doesn't all come easy to him

RE: [VIDEO] So... what are you playing just now?

lol, yes, I played that for a while, it's more or less the same as the Star Wars game I play, SWGoH, you don't have to whale, but it's unfortunately slow progress if you don't, and you'll never compete with the "big boys"

RE: [VIDEO] So... what are you playing just now?

Demon's Rise is very good, money well spent.

got GameCube down from loft while putting away Christmas decorations, set it up today.

Few race and battles of Mario Kart with the girls, which they liked, 1080 was too hard for them i.e. they're too impatient to learn how to play it, same with THPS2.

However The Urbz Sims spin off kept them busy a while, as did the Sims 2 :(

I think I'll play some 1080 when they haev gone to bed, it's probably in this thread somewhere when I played it last ;) i remember it being "serious" i.e. it's not very pick up play, but quite rewarding when you get the hang of it.

RE: RIP: Sidney Poitier: Hollywood star dies aged 94

I'm not sure I've seen any of his films! But in the past I've heard Reginald D Hunter talk about him, and about how he met him once when he was young, and how he had influenced him!

He has that sort of legacy, like Muhammad Ali, where you know who they are, you know their influence, their importance, have seen them interviewed, and talked about, but may not have actually seen them do their day job!

I look forward to catching up on some of his films I've heard about which will no doubt be shown soon.

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RIP: Sidney Poitier: Hollywood star dies aged 94

Obituary: Iconic black actor Sidney Poitier

Sidney Poitier, who has died aged 94, once turned down the role of Othello because he did not want to be typecast as a black actor.

It underlined the dilemma faced by a man who broke down many of Hollywood's racial barriers.

As the first black winner of the Academy Awards' Best Actor statuette, he was always aware of being the standard-bearer for greater racial integration.

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RE: Hopeful Lenovo question

lol, yes, I hadn't thought of it like that, but yes I didn't mean obscene amount of money :)

suitable? amount of money?

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Imagine flying all the way to Oz, only to be told "I don't care who you are, you're not coming in" ;)

RE: Hopeful Lenovo question

Glad you found someone you can trust to do it, and hopefully they charged a fair amount.

RE: [VIDEO] The Book of Boba Fett

glad the second episode was a bit longer, pretty good, and interesting

funny thing is in the Star Wars game I play, SWGoH, ppl are saying

that currently Jawa are Light side, Tuskens Dark side, should it be the other way round now ;)

RE: Cunk on Britain

Diane Morgan To Reprise Philomena Cunk Role For BBC & Netflix’s ‘Cunk On Earth’

I couldn't get into Morgan's sitcom, but love Cunk

RE: [VIDEO] Christmas TV - anything you`re looking forward to?

Death to 2021 is great, Diane Morgan playing her usual character brilliantly, and I'm glad the soccer mom is back :)

RE: [VIDEO] So... what are you playing just now?

Demon's Rise - Lords of Chaos on my phone

Demon's Rise 2

saw a post on hukd reduced from 5.49 to 69p

turn based action fighting rpg, sounded interesting, for 69p worth a punt on something without getting put off by adverts, or suggestions to buy stuff in free games.

anyway, so far so good, pretty good, choose a team of 6 bad guys, and fight other teams choosing spells, hand to hand etc, sort of as you'd expect.

I've played it an hour or so, so I think I have my money's worth :)

There's quick battles as well as campaign mode, which is what I want rather than having to be bogged down in a story mode if i just want to kill 5 mins