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[VIDEO] RE: Lord of the Rings coming to Amazon

Now officially titled The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

RE: Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard in $68.7B deal

It will be just like the Bethesda deal:

Anything already released on other platforms will remain on those platforms.
Anything announced as coming to other platforms will be released on those platforms.
Everything else will be exclusive.

Tbh this deal means little to me. I was never interested in WoW and I haven't played any CoD crap in about 10 years. It would be nice to have THPS and newer Crash titles on Steam, though, which is more likely now.

RE: [VIDEO] The Book of Boba Fett

That speeder chase was the worst thing to happen to Star Wars since the holiday special.

RE: Justified: City Primeval

I'm in two minds about this. On the one hand, I do love Timothy Olyphant and the prospect of more Raylan Givens is pretty tantalising. But, Justified was a rare example of a show that not only got better with each season but had a really great ending, too.

It sounds like this will be very much separate to the old show, though, so hopefully it won't untie that ending and I can see it as just another story entirely.

[VIDEO] RE:Bel-Air

Starts February 13th...

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RE: [VIDEO] Dexter Returns

So, the ending...

Well, I thought it was at least better than the finale of season 8, but then again a kick in the bollocks would be better than that. The season as a whole was still full of the same contrivances that plagued the latter seasons of the main show and although I somewhat enjoyed watching Angela honing in on Dexter in the last few episodes, I was still disappointed by the resolution to the story. I was really hoping for more involvement from Batista, with maybe some vindication for Doakes and LaGuerta etc. Instead they made it fully about Harrison, who was by far the most annoying part of the season.

The showrunners will be making an announcement on Monday about the show and if it is about a renewal, I certainly won't be watching The New Adventures of Dexter Jr. I've always said Dexter ended at season 4 for me and I still stand by that.

EDIT: The announcement was for a DVD/Bluray release of this season. The show will not continue with Harrison as the lead and I'm very happy about that.

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RE: [VIDEO] So... what are you playing just now?

Just finished War Mongrels a few days ago. A very nice Commandos-like to satisfy my thirst for real-time tactics (an unfortunately barren genre). Very similar to Partisans 1941, but much harder hitting. Loved every second of it.

Currently about half way through Resident Evil Village. Hated it at first due to the constant immersion breaking cut-scenes and scripted bullshit, but it has enough of the RE formula in the mid-game to sustain my interest.

[VIDEO] RE:Asimov's Foundation

So I finally caught up with this over Christmas and I have to say... I quite liked it.

It veered a little too far into sci-fantasy for my liking at times, with mathematics being treated like a Jedi force power and characters receiving visions of others to whom they are mysteriously linked... somehow. But it was fairly easy to forgive because the show otherwise deals with some fascinating sci-fi concepts, such as generational cloning. The whole Empire storyline was easily my favourite. I called Lee Pace a panto-villain above and I take that back. He ended up being one of the most compelling parts in the show...

His revenge against Azura in the final episode is one of the most decisively cruel things I've ever seen.

I also very much enjoyed Kubbra Sait's Phara - one of the most memorable antagonists in years. She has a ton of screen presence and I fully expect to see a lot more of her in other future productions...

Just not this one :(

I haven't read the books and reading the wikipedia page for the novels has me scratching my head as to how the hell they can it work if they plan on being remotely faithful to the source. That said, I can't wait to see them try.

PS. Bear McCreary's score is sumptuous and the main titles are a work of art:

[VIDEO] RE:Matrix Resurrections… Pick a pill…

I can certainly see the comparison with Tron Legacy in places. For example: (~40 second mark)

I loved Tron Legacy (the score, at least), but these string ostinatos and brassy BWAAAMs have become such a tired musical cliche at this point.

Compare this to any track from the first three movies and the difference is remarkable. I realise that different scenes require different approaches to scoring so this comparison is a bit flawed, but I'm going to do it anyway:

^ to me, this is what the Matrix sounds like. But then, for all its attempts at bombarding viewers with supposed nostalgia, Resurrections never once felt reminiscent of the originals. Not to me, anyway. The music was just one part of that.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk, I'll stop banging on about the music now :D

RE: [VIDEO] Matrix Resurrections… Pick a pill…

So I started watching this with pretty low expectations and after about an hour, I was really wasn't sure if I could take it any more. The constant nostalgia was bad enough, but the layer of meta commentary on top of that was truly excruciating and cringeworthy. Not content with recreating classic sequences, they also have characters literally watching scenes and even discussing the themes and cultural significance of the originals. Pass me the sick bucket.

But then the plot arrives and from that point on it improves a bit. It is still interspersed with surprisingly boring fight scenes and constant exposition as the writers trip over themselves trying to fill you in on what's happening, but at least it started to feel like it was a part of the same universe as the originals. That said, after the cataclysmic stakes of Revolutions, it all seemed kinda small scale and pointless by comparison.

Other general complaints:

Too many Sense8s, very distracting.
Hobo Merovingian bleh.
Hilarious hairstyles.
Keanu's a great guy, but he can't act.

But for me, the biggest complaint was the music. Tykwer and Klimek's score is frustratingly generic and sorely lacking the complex creativity of the OG scores. Maybe most people won't care, but Don Davis' unique musical stylings contributed so much to the soundscape of the original movies and without him, this film just felt oddly distanced from its own heritage.

So, half a terrible film, half a sort-of passable one, but most definitely the worst of the four.

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RE: Rendezvous with Rama

Denis Villeneuve To Direct ‘Rendezvous With Rama’ For Alcon Entertainment

Alcon Entertainment has acquired the film rights to Arthur C. Clarke’s sci-fi novel Rendezvous With Rama with Denis Villeneuve on board to direct.

The novel had previously been controlled by Morgan Freeman with Freeman and his partner Lori McCreary’s Revelations Entertainment will produce along with Alcon.

First published in 1973, the novel is regarded as one of the cornerstones of Clarke’s works. Set in the 2130s, the story involves a 31 by 12 mile cylindrical alien starship that enters the Solar System. The story is told from the point of view of a group of human explorers who intercept the ship in an attempt to unlock its mysteries.

Maybe I should have made a new thread.

RE: Remember when Crysis was breathtaking?

Looks great, but in the free roam section it runs at 30fps with dips down to the low 10s whenever there's a lot happening. It would have been interesting to see how it ran on more powerful hardware.

Those QTEs though...

RE: Live action Cowboy Bebop incoming, Nov Netflix

This has been cancelled after one season.

RE: Resident Evil - Welcome to Raccoon city

I do not understand the logic of combining both RE1 and 2 into the same story. Surely if they were going to combine anything, it should have been 2 and 3, since they happen concurrently (sort of).

I was somewhat hopeful when they said this film would be closer to the games, but as soon as I saw the promotional photos of the cast in-character I lost all hope. They looked like a bunch of cheapo cosplayers.

It's such a shame. With a bit of love, the RE games (specifically the first three) could make for a solid series of horror movies.

RE: [VIDEO] Matrix Resurrections… Pick a pill…

If you are interested in the score, you can listen to it here:

Very generic tbh, lacking much of the complexity and creativity of Don Davis' music with a handful of needle drops from the OG scores to remind you that it is a Matrix film.

My expectations for this film are set pretty low.

RE: Amazon to stop accepting Visa credit cards

Snaps says...
"Do you have one and what are the supposed benefits."

I have one but I don't use it all that much. I can see how it would be handy for people with several different cards, though. It's a way to combine all of your different debit/credit cards into a single card. You can switch between them using the app, so you only need to remember one PIN number.

There is a free option as well as two paid tiers that offer additional benefits.

I don't work for them, I swear.

RE: Amazon to stop accepting Visa credit cards

An easy workaround would be to get a Curve card and assign your Visa credit card to it.

RE: Death Penalty

I do think there are certain crimes for which a death penalty would be appropriate. Murder, school shootings, terrorist acts etc. Not as a deterrent and not as revenge, but rather a way to simply delete the worst people from society.


This could only exist in a magical fairytale land where the justice system always gets the right person. Which they clearly don't.

Also, I've read horror stories about botched executions where they used the wrong cocktail of drugs and left the subject in agony or even a vegetative state. So there would need to be some "humane" method of execution that always works perfectly 100% of the time.

But for the first reason alone, I'm against it.

RE: [VIDEO] Bond, Trailer Bond

Orson Welles made Citizen Kane when he was 26.

RE: [VIDEO] Bond, Trailer Bond

Couldn't disagree more. Not just a great Bond movie but a great movie full stop, and a fitting end for Craig's stint as the character.

The only low points were:

Rami Malek's villain was weaksauce and sorely underdeveloped.
The whole DNA-targetting nanobot/virus thing has been done several times before, most notably in MGS.
My most hated trope - the noble sacrifice. Zzzzz.

Great score from Hans Zimmer* (*although a huge part of it was actually composed by Steve Mazzaro), although they did straight up copy and paste the Batman chase theme in one scene towards the end. It worked pretty well, though.

Also, the action sequences were brilliantly choreographed with one of the best car chases in Bond history (Matera). A massive improvement over the terrible Rome chase in Spectre. The forest scene was also brilliantly executed. The single-take stairwell shootout did have me looking for the edit points, though.

I would say it's tied with Casino Royale for Craig's best Bond, Skyfall next then QoS and the dreadful Spectre dead last.

A solid 4/5.

[VIDEO] RE:The Witcher (Netflix)

Seems like they upped the budget a bit.

[VIDEO] RE:Invasion (AppleTV+)

So, the first three episodes:

The slow-burn pacing might turn some people off. War of the Worlds this ain't. It's more like This Is Us with a sci-fi twist. It follows a number of different storylines taking place all around the globe, including extra-marital affairs, school children being bullied, a retiring small town sheriff looking for religious meaning etc. But then there are slightly more exciting stories like a JASA communications expert (my favourite character) who is trying to uncover the mystery surrounding a recent space disaster, and a US army captain and his team investigating the disappearance of another squad in Afghanistan (the writers couldn't have known lol). All the while strange things are happening, mostly in the background.

The writing is a bit on-the-nose sometimes and the show has its fair share of dumb/contrived moments, such as:

The teacher who can't find the brake pedal.
People carelessly leaving their car keys unattended at a supermarket during a global crisis.
The adulterous husband calling his girlfriend instead of 911 when crazy things start happening.
Also, the bully kid is just a bit too obnoxious and looks ways too much like Rick Astley. Hope he meets a grisly fate.

Max Richter's music elevates the show immeasurably. In fact, his involvement should tell you a lot about the tone they are attempting to strike.

Apparently the pace picks up in the later episodes, but I hope it doesn't accelerate too much. I'm rather enjoying the show's ponderous nature.

Season 2 already in production.

RE: The 100 greatest TV series of the 21st Century

Nice to see The Leftovers getting some recognition.

Band of Brothers all the way down at 36, though?

U wot m8

[VIDEO] RE:The Batman

I'm optimistic. Can't be worse than the Snyder-verse crap.


Si Wooldridge says...
"Is it a full 22/23 ep run then?"

Nope, just ten episodes.

It is indeed a "limited series", which is different to a "mini series". It's a slightly nebulous term that just means a shorter season than a full run, usually between 8 and 12 episodes. So if it does well, it will be renewed.

No interest, myself. I think I watched ~6 seasons of the original show before the formula became tiresome.

RE: Scream (continuation rather than reboot)

The first film was a razor-sharp satire of the slasher movie genre. This just looks like another bog standard horror movie with none of the wit of the original.

Plus the trailer gives away like half of the deaths. Wtf?

RE: [VIDEO] Star Wars: Squadrons

If you have Amazon Prime you can get a free key for Origin for this game.

There is also Ghostrunner (redeemed on GOG) and Alien Isolation (for Epic Fail Store).