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RE: The Tories finally get their wish of destroying the BBC

I am a great fan of auntie beeb but the license fee is too much for some pensioners and those on low income so something has to change but like most I don't have the answer either

Last Looks

This looks fun


[VIDEO] All of us are Dead

Freaky and fun take on the zombies 

RE: Arsenal 21/22 season

Dogged determination 2 words I am sure I haven't used for Arsenal this season but while I enjoyed the game both forward lines were awful

RE: [VIDEO] Toast of Tinseltown

That Monkees was the whole vibe I got through the whole thing then the green Wooly hat nailed it for me :)

RE: [VIDEO] Toast of Tinseltown

I honestly never heard of it tbh

RE: [VIDEO] Toast of Tinseltown

well if there is a 2022 The Monkees show this is so it :) just fun and very different indeed

[VIDEO] Suspicion

Apple + looks interesting

RE: Arsenal 21/22 season

I think Arsenal fans should start a crowd funding (bribe) to stop me watching full games because every time I watch one they are beyond awful, granted I watched this more for Forest and really enjoyed a poor game because of the result but I am baffled that the young lad actually kept KT out of the side earlier this season.

RE: [VIDEO] So... what are you playing just now?

im playing marvel strike force on phone, enjoyed it but now unless you spend cash its impossible to improve unfortunately

RE: [VIDEO] 1883

Episode 3 & 4 continue to excel and the cast really are growing into it, not only the main family and I think the daughter in particular will be the breakout star of the show, she has it all looks attitude serious acting chops for one so young and her narrative on the show is poetic, this ChicagoPD and the Blacklist are my 1st 3 watches of the week and the moonlight sonata during the river crossing was beautiful

RE: Around the World in 80 Days (again, David Tennant this time)

I thought it was terrific from start to finish, production values through the roof and Tennent amazing as per, with this and the cracking tourist been quite the start to the year from the beeb

RE: [VIDEO] Archive 81

you will be waiting a long time, I don't really do horror but I thought it might interest some on here.

[VIDEO] Everything Everywhere All At Once

This looks extraordinary ...... I think ??

[VIDEO] Archive 81

Freaky new Netflix series starts next week

RE: RIP: Sidney Poitier: Hollywood star dies aged 94

Proper actor and genuine star who always seemed like a thoroughly charming and decent man, don't think we will see his like again

[VIDEO] Blacklight

More Neeson badassery :)

[VIDEO] RE:Beforeigners

Season 2, Jacks back

RE: [VIDEO] The Book of Boba Fett

2nd episode rocked, really fantastic origin story as good as I have seen in a while

[VIDEO] Resident Alien

Season 2 update :)

RE: [VIDEO] Staged again

missed this so a huge thank you many genuine LOL moments and I have to say again while Bill Nighy has been my favourite to be the doctor for yonks Michael Sheen would smash it

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RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

Well that was probably her best episode I thought even though it only gave a passing nod to the disaster that was flux but if you forget that and enjoy as a standalone episode it worked very well although SPOILER:
didn't really need yaz turning lesbian, the gay stuff really feels totally forced now and not just on this show 

RE: [VIDEO] Christmas TV - anything you`re looking forward to?

Loved Frankie Boyles New World Order end of year and was nice to see Dwayne back for Death in Paradise

RE: [VIDEO] Christmas TV - anything you`re looking forward to?

death to 2021 very very funny and not having watched the trailer gobsmacked by the incredible cast WWAW

RE: [VIDEO] Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian

Think there should be a Book of Boba Fett thread if the 1st episode is anything to go by, bloody brilliant and at 34 min way too short as it absolutely flew in

RE: [VIDEO] Christmas TV - anything you`re looking forward to?

couldn't agree more, it was sensational and anti trump was right up my street :)

[VIDEO] RIP Archbishop Desmond Tutu 90

I think we all want to make our mark in life before we go, this guy certainly did that and at least his mucker upstairs gave him 1 last Christmas. RIP sir

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RE: Christmas TV - anything you`re looking forward to?

1971 Christmas special at 7pm then the lost episode at 745pm on BBC2