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Pete-MK (Elite Donator) posted this on Monday, 3rd May 2021, 19:58

The trailer looked interesting, so thought I'd give this one a go.

3 astronauts set off on a multi-month mission to Mars to meet up with a colony already there. As the title gives away, someone else is found on board, unconscious, and the movie continues from there. Notice I didn't say it 'picks up' from there, as this is as fast as it gets.

Toni Collette, Daniel Dae Kim & a horrendously miscast Anna Kendrick are the trained astronauts and Shamier ('what was HE in?) Anderson is the titular stowaway, who somehow managed to knock himself unconcious inside the outer wall of the spaceship, and was then closed in by partially sighted technicians, and no-one noticed he was missing for the several hours the rocket was on the pad.

It's a ridiculous premise, which spoils the film before its started. There was a fair amount of research done into the artificial gravity concept, unfortunately that research was done by Scott Manley via the medium of Kerbal Space Program (really, he's in the credits) so that was probably a major mis-step.

As far as the rest of the plot, most of what peril there is comes from the obvious lack of oxygen. it seems the ship was built for 2, but was stretched for 3, so an expected passenger shortens everyone's life expectancy to several thousand miles before mars.

It's Gravity without the tension crossed with Apollo 13 without the genuine sense of peril or the desire to see them get home. Mainly because they have no intention of turning around and coming home, and that's the problem. It's a cast of 4 filmed inside a tiny set. We don't see their destination so have no desire to see them get there. We don;t know anything about the astronauts so don't really care about their families. Michael, the Stowaway, has a sister back home but she's set for life once it's discovered he's on the ship, so there's nothing to go back to.

It's a kind of story that bizarrely would play better on stage in a different setting. There's no-one to relate to, no desire to see their ultimate fate and seeing as the whole movie hinges on at least one of them dying so the others can continue on their journey, you won't find yourself caring which one eventually does.

Oops. Spoiler.

Ok, the performances are ok, the set is impressive (although I did see Osma drainage channel gratings used as vent panels, which was amusing), and what science & tech they manage to get right, they do well.

It't just not a satisfying film. you won't get anything out of it.

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