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No Power due toWeather

Brooky (Elite) posted this on Wednesday, 5th August 2020, 06:55

Hi it’s Brooky reporting from New Jersey,USA.
Well it happened yesterday warning
Tornado warning high winds hard rain
plus high humidity wewere told to go the
lowest partof your home to take cover, so
we did that’s my husband n I. We brought
In all loose pot of plants n some garden furnishings.At that time it started winds n rain
It got so dark, I was a bit nervous but we
still had electical power.So we sat to watch
Tv and tune weather channel.after a while
Started to watch a film towards the end
lights started to flicker on n off, puff power
Off😡.after a while it came back on even
When the storm was at it’s peak we sat and watched another film.Rain stop wind calm
Down sun came out so pretty n bright, film
was getting interesting we both looked at
each other ready to comment on the film
like oh this is getting interesting
Puff Puff gone No Power no tv we both
laugh your kidding,what the hell just when
Everything calmed down,,,no way!!!!
So we sat n had lunch after a longwhile
Daughter called inquiring you still don’t have Power yes Emilyyyyy we done! Now your
Reading its 2:53am Wednesday no Power!
We heard maybe later or maybe in a
few days!!!!😡

RE: No Power due toWeather

Robee J Shepherd (undefined) posted this on Wednesday, 5th August 2020, 07:53

Glad you are ok! I hear places have a socket on the outside of the house for a generator, because the power isn't reliable. And in the UK we moan if ours is out for a few minutes. 😂


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RE: No Power due toWeather

Brooky (Elite) posted this on Wednesday, 5th August 2020, 10:39

Its 6 am now just got up again ,
No Power!
I mention to hubby are we going to purchase
A generator he says its not too often it happens here! I wanted to scream no I held it in
like a good wifey😡. Now I like to know what
kind of cafe am I going to have? Thank
God I have gas cook top. But maybe I should make it weak to keep calm.Oh years ago
it took us about 6years to have all the trees chopped off. Don’t get me wrong I like trees
but at a distance because our first years
we got a biggest rude awakening
In the Fall season raking leaves like three or four
Huge lawn bags full. 😡!! So thats what happens
To newly city homeowners. I replace trees for shrubs n flowers . It looks lovely.🥰
We are ok but I wish I was in my England😔

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